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Spirit of Summer

Whether it's traveling, pampering, or partying, We've put together variety of the best towels that capture your mood.

Soft, breathable, comfortable, any time of the year.

Summer’s greatest hits are now on sale


There's nothing like wrapping yourself in this soft, luxurious towel after a long and relaxing bath.

The luxurious feel of silky cotton against your skin will be like nothing else.


"Works like magic! Absorbent, soft and amongst all... No more musty odor!! These towels are the reason I’ll never go back to regular bath towels ever again."


There's nothing like wrapping yourself in Cozy Koza towels after a relaxing bath!! The luxurious feel of the towel on your skin is like nothing else!!!


For most of my life, I used regular bath towels. They dried me off, and that’s all I thought I needed...Until I discovered Cozy Koza. Now I'm HOOKED and I will never look back.


How it all started

The country of Turkey has long provided the world with some of the finest towels. A native of that land, my mission is to introduce you the variety of this craft and making you fall in love with these soft & cozy pieces from the very first touch. My name is Eylül. Let me introduce you the whole new world of Turkish towels...