If you are redesigning your bathroom. You’ll quickly discover that small touches can make even the most basic bathroom feel a little extra special. In this case, we are talking about bath towels—the best of which can instantly upgrade your grooming routine. 

But here is the dilemma. All bath towels are almost designed to be boring! Most bath towels are all standard bathroom hues that have been accepted and perpetuated by home goods companies for decades. Despite their industry-upheaving practices, there is one place they fail to innovate: the design and color.

And therein lies the problem. Can they really do no better than the same muted palettes?


Can Beach Towels Be Used as Bath Towels

No, seems like they don’t…Therefore there is not much luck in the eccentric bath towel department at local shops.

Can I Use a Bath Towel as a Beach Towel Then?

Yes, it’s always up to you. But here is a thing or two about the differences between these two pieces of cloth before you are getting yourself into.

The primary purpose of most beach towels is to create a barrier between you and the sand. They are thin, made of light fabrics, so they don’t add weight to your beach bag. It also makes them quick to dry, in case they get wet in the sea. Other beach towels, because they haven't been designed with bath purpose, might feel hard or scratchy.

If you want something sure to do well the primary job of drying your body, normally you need a bath towel. They are absorbent, ready to manage as much water as you will find on your body after a shower.

Ok, but the above, doesn’t solve your dilemma, right? One doesn’t do the job of the other.

Can I Use a Bath Towel as a Beach Towel


Well, unless you haven’t heard our Turkish Cotton Co. towels! 💃🏻


Turkish Cotton Co.

Here is the good news! Our beach towels are designed also to be used as a bath towel! Made and hand waived with 100% Turkish cotton, our fabric will bring the best of both worlds to your closet. It is durable: you can wash it as many times you need without losing quality. It’s absorbent and woven jacquard that’ll feel as good on your skin.

Whether you’re looking to kick your bathroom up a notch or need a fancy set for your Instagram, these all absorb and dry as well as they catch eyes.


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