When it comes to sustainability in clothing you have more power than you think to reduce your impact.⁣ Most conversation is often centered around buying ethically and sustainably made fabrics. But, did you know, maintaining and extending the life of the clothing already in your closet is one of the first steps to building a sustainable wardrobe and how we wash our clothes plays a massive role in their overall lifespan?


Our Turkish Towels should last you through years of washes and adventures with good care. Turkish cotton has a longer fiber which makes it durable when turned into thread and is less likely to come loose or break. In order to get fibers to open up, they need to be exposed to water. Once the fibers are loose and open they're ready to soak up water off your body.  

Turkish towels will get softer and more absorbent as you wash them, so don't be afraid to use them daily! Please note that Cozy Koza Turkish towels come unwashed and will shrink a little after you wash them. 


 How to take care of your Turkish towels



Please wash your Turkish towel before use. Turkish towels must be washed to become absorbent. You can soak your towel in cool water overnight or wash on a gentle cycle using cold or medium heat water with similar colors.


While tumble drying will make the towel fluffy, do not overdo, as the heat from the dryer damages the integrity of the cotton. We recommend using a lower heat setting occasionally or alternate between air and heat drying.

Please avoid fabric softeners - softeners contain silicon that will make the towels water repellent. To soften your towels, use 1 cup of white vinegar about every 6 weeks. Run the towels through a regular washing cycle, then redo washing with white vinegar instead of soap.

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