Cozy Koza was created by an American husband and a Turkish wife, Michael and Eylul.

After permanently relocating to the United States from Turkey, the couple recognized an abundance of low-quality, fast-fashion towels. They noticed that the towels available in the market were of low-quality and would easily discolor, rip and tear within a few months.
They were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on towels that didn't last long.

Not only did Mike and Eylul recognize the lack of quality towels in the American market, but Eylul would also receive repeated requests from their American friends, family, and colleagues to bring back "real" Turkish towels during her visits to Turkey. It was evident that there was a demand for high-quality Turkish towels.

These experiences made them realize that many people are searching for unique and quality towels without having to know much about where to find them.

The couple started questioning “Why should it be so difficult to access towels that are good for your body, good for the environment, and good for the soul?” and The Cozy Koza was born.

Cozy Koza is a combination of the English word 'cozy' and the Turkish word 'koza'. While 'cozy' means 'warm', 'comfortable', and 'enjoyable', 'koza' is used in Turkish to mean “Cocoon”. 

Cozy Koza was born from this idea of creating cozy and cocoon-like towels for people who are looking for natural, stylish and quality products.

The couple envision making these fine towels accessible to all who desire to experience high quality Turkish towels and at the same time support the under-appreciated craftspeople in Turkey who create these wonderful items.



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