The Denizli province, including the village of Buldan, is deeply rooted in Turkey's rich textile looming legacy with quality cotton and silk grown in the area for the expert weavers to craft their wares. 

"There is a rhythm in the whole neighborhood of Buldan, which almost feels like a heartbeat."

 Buldan, and the surrounding area, has a very rich tradition of weaving where the rhythm of the loom is the signature song of the neighborhood. In this little weaver's enclave, nearly every home has a hand loom and at least one family member contributing to the making of local handwoven wraps/towels, which originate from the region.

Today, unfortunately much of the work is done by modern machines in large, regional factories. However, there are still small groups of weavers, tirelessly making the homespun creations by hand or semi-mechanized work benches. These weavers have been carrying on the tradition of quality craftsmanship and beautiful weaving work for many generations, hoping to keep the tradition alive and passed on to their following generations.


In order for it to be preserved and sustained, the world has to recognize its importance. Many suppliers on the other hand, bring mass produced towels that are made with mixed materials (not 100% cotton) resulting in low quality textiles and leaving real craftsmanship to death.


 Our dream is to uphold the traditional handloom production in this wavers enclave while introducing this unique craftsmanship to the world. At Cozy Koza, we only work with partners that take their craft seriously and keep the passion of keeping their tradition alive.

Our mission is to create viable and environmentally sustainable economies for small crafting communities, so they can choose to remain in their lands, while improving their quality of life and continue doing what they love.


At Cozy Koza, we focus on the human element of the maker and their well-being, extending through traceability, environmental sustainability, raw materials and craftsmanship.

With this mission also comes the responsibility of protecting our environment. Our collections are made in small, considered batches with plant-based fabrics that will last you a very long time. Every handwoven wrap is made by a real craftsperson using time-honored techniques and the finest cotton. Every towel and wrap tested for softness, weight, absorbency, and quality. The result is expertly crafted pieces designed to be lived in for seasons and years to come.

We put so much love and care into our towels. We hope you enjoy them.

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