Not everyone is fond of celebrating Valentine's Day. What if you try to change your perspective about "Valentine's Day"? You should not only show your gratitude and love towards your partner but yourself too. Life is like a falling star; a brief and joyful moment that does not last long. So you should enjoy every moment, and when it comes to love, you should not waste any moment—especially this year, since pandemic taught us a lot about how every moment matters in life. 

Since most of us are still quarantined, we may not enjoy things such as going to movie theatres, restaurants or fancy dinners, etc. Yet we still have creativity! Pandemic taught us that we can still enjoy things as we value everything in life. Consider this as a different experience that years later, we will remember and appreciate ourselves. 

Find your happy place, where you love even yourself selflessly and spread the love to those in your life without expecting something in return. So you don't have to have a partner and be in a relationship to express your gratitude. You can enjoy Valentine's Day as much as the ones who have partners, by yourself or with your loved ones. And once you decide to celebrate Valentine's Day, the rambles about getting the best Valentine's Day gift starts.

Whether you have a partner or not, we have some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for you! Valentine's Day is not only about exchanging gifts with each other; and instead, it is choosing the best gifts for him, her or them. Many people wonder what they should gift their boyfriend, girlfriend, or loved ones on Valentine's Day. We urge and support you to go a bit more unique and spruce up your gift game a bit! So let's see several different gift ideas for Valentine's Day;

A Relaxing Spa Experience

Valentine's Day is the one Day out of the whole year that you should be pampered, by yourself or your loved ones. So if you are looking for a gift idea for him, her, them, or yourself, why not go to a spa and enjoy the whole Day? Because of the pandemic, right? Yet, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy a spa experience at home! You don't need to go to a spa or invite a masseuse to your house to have a couple's massage. You can take turns giving each other a massage in a bathtub or a steamy shower, renew your body, release each others' stress and open your chakras and see where the night takes you. You can complete this whole experience by wrapping yourself in our soft silky, handmade cotton towel! Plus, the towel will always make the background of your homemade spa memorizable. After Valentine's Day pass, you can continue to use the towel with a unique feeling wrapping your senses, just like our towels.

Girl spa experience

A Hike or Picnic In The Nature

You don’t have to go fancy all the way. To relax and relieve the stress of everyday life you can arrange a hike or a picnic that you can enjoy with your loved one or yourself. To chit chat and watch the sunset is almost a surreal moment from movies, yet you can actually recreate it! Grab some food, a bottle of wine and surprise and treat your partner or yourself. To complete this experience, you can either get a cotton shawl or scarf. To wrap it around neck or place it on top of your shoulders to protect yourself or your loved one from the sun or the breezy cold air while enjoying your food and wine sounds perfectly cozy and unique!

Couple going for a hiking using towel

A Cozy Night

To cook for and choose a movie for your loved ones or yourself can be another option. Since you know what they like the best, you put a lot of mindfulness into what they would like to eat,enjoy and prefer watching is another level of celebrating Valentine’s Day. It shows and proves how well you know them, and it is really charming. To complete this cozy night, you can get a pair of thick or thin blankets that will warm you up is the best thing! 

Couple cooking together on valentine's day

We wanted to have a different perspective and approach towards Valentine’s Day, so we hope you enjoyed our ideas! All our gift ideas include an unforgettable experience along with a commemorating unique gift. Putting effort into what to do, trying to create something unique is very important in terms of getting gifts. And we thought that since you do everything on your own, like a handmade product, completing the idea with our handmade items is the best way to go!

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