If you have been meaning to purchase a Turkish towel but can't understand the difference by simply looking at the pictures, this blog post is for you.

Natural fibers at the heart of our towels

All of our towels are more competent than most of the other towels on the market because they are only made with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, vegan silk, or cashmere. 

We never use synthetic blends, microfibers, or ‘recycled plastic bottles.

Our beach towels are the coziest

Many suppliers bring mass-produced towels that are made with mixed materials, labeling them cotton blend (not 100% cotton) resulting in low-quality textiles (absorbency, durability) and leaving real craftsmanship to death.

Cozy Koza towels are only made from 100% First Grade, 100% Turkish cotton. The cotton is grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, which is known for its ideal climate and conditions for cotton production. 

Our beach towels are good for your skin

Cotton is often praised for being a natural and breathable fabric. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. It is also biodegradable, meaning that it will break down naturally over time. This is in contrast to plastic, which is made from petroleum products and will take centuries to decompose. 

We only sell premium quality

Our beach towels are woven on traditional looms using a triple-knit technique, which gives them their distinctive texture and thickness. Most brands use only 1 or 2 layers to keep the cost low and make them thinner than what they market. 

Our towels are not fast-fashion. They're an artisan-crafted textile.

Our Turkish towels are hand-loomed with semi-automatic looms in Turkey by the masters of this craft. Tassels are individually twisted and tied by hand.

Today, unfortunately, much of the work is done by modern machines in large, regional factories. However, there are still small groups of weavers, who tirelessly make the homespun creations by hand or mechanized work benches. 

We only work with partners who take their craft seriously and who are passionate about keeping their traditions alive. We believe that upholding traditional handloom production is important. We are dedicated to introducing this unique craftsmanship to the world, hoping to keep the tradition alive and passed on to the following generations.

We carry more varieties of beach towels than any other brand.

There are so many factors involved when making different Turkish towels. The quality of the cotton, type of the cotton, how cotton fibers are spun, how the cotton is processed, thread count, or the weaving technique.

From bold prints to plain colors. Waffle/honeycomb texture to stonewash design. There's a towel to suit every taste and need in our shop.

We design our towels for every season. Even the beach towels.

Our towels can match your style in four seasons. They can be used as a scarf in fall, a bath towel in winter, a sofa throw in spring, beach towel in summer!

Cozy Koza is a Turkish women-owned Turkish retailer.

Our Turkish towels are made by Turkish people in Turkey, while our Turkish owner ensures that they are of the highest quality. We are proud to offer towels that are both unique and authentic, and we want to make sure you enjoy using your towels as much as we enjoy making them

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