Denim Voyage Stonewashed Towel Set


This luxurious Denim Voyage Stonewashed Turkish Towel Set offers a vibrant aesthetic and superior performance. Crafted from breathable, quick-drying pure cotton with an optimal absorbency treatment, it provides an elevated experience for drying off. A perfect balance of contemporary elegance and functional luxury.

This two-piece towel set is multifunctional; use it as a shawl to warm you on chilly evenings, or drape it over your table to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Wrap it around your hair for a trendy bohemian look, or use it as a chic cover-up for your bikini at the beach or pool.


- Made using 100% premium cotton

- Stonewashed for an optimal absorbency treatment

Each tassel is hand-crafted with careful, individual twisting and tying

- Get softer and more absorbent with every wash

- Made in Turkey