We Make Premium Quality Turkish Towels the Old-Fashioned Way.

In a world of uninspired, mass-produced beach towels. Cozy Koza is a premium quality towel produced the old-fashioned way. Stylish, versatile, and functional, they’re perfect for any season and any surprise destination.

We Are Here to Preserve Our Legacy

The village of Buldan in Denizli, Turkey has a rich tradition of weaving. Handlooms are a common sight in nearly every home, and locals have been contributing to the making of peshtemal towels, a specialty of the region, for over six generations.

"There is a rhythm in the whole neighborhood of Buldan, which almost feels like a heartbeat"Making of Buldan Towel

Unfortunately, much of the textile industry has moved towards mass production with modern machines in large factories, leaving traditional handloom production behind. Despite this, small groups of weavers continue to tirelessly craft beautiful, high-quality textiles using either hand or semi-mechanized work benches.

At Cozy Koza, we believe in the importance of recognizing and preserving the rich cultural heritage of these weavers.

It's heartbreaking to see the decline of traditional craftsmanship as many suppliers turn to mixed materials and low-quality textiles. We're dedicated to working with partners who take pride in their craft and keep their traditions alive, helping to create a sustainable economy for small crafting communities.

Our Dream: Keeping Tradition Alive

Our dream is to uphold the traditional handloom production in this wavers enclave while introducing this unique craftsmanship to the world. At Cozy Koza, we only work with partners that take their craft seriously and keep the passion of keeping their tradition alive. Turkish Cotton

We want to create viable and environmentally sustainable economies for small crafting communities, so they can choose to remain in their lands, while improving their quality of life and continue doing what they love.

Embracing Slow Fashion: The Human Element of Craftsmanship and Environmental Sustainability at Cozy Koza

Our brand focuses on the human element of the maker and their well-being, extending through traceability, environmental sustainability, raw materials and craftsmanship.

With this mission also comes the responsibility of protecting our environment.

We take pride in offering collections that are completely free from irritants and harmful chemicals, thanks to their 100% cotton composition.

Expertly Crafted Towels Designed to Last: The Cozy Koza Commitment to Quality and Durability

Crafted using small-batch organic cotton, our products are designed to stand the test of time while supporting the unique craftsmanship of the weavers who make them. We thoroughly test each item for softness, weight, absorbency, and quality after multiple washes, so you can enjoy our towels for years to come.

Slow Fashion