Circle of Fish - Extra Soft Pure Cotton Beach Towel

Every touch of Extra Soft Pure Cotton Beach Towel is here to elevate your everyday rituals to new heights of luxury. Available in a range of different designs, Circle of Fish towel is a must-have beach accessory for anyone who appreciates the luxurious sensation of pure cotton against skin and versatility.

Our nowhere to be found Extra Soft Pure Cotton Beach Towels are thinner and more lightweight than regular terry towels, making them easy to pack and carry. The weave is loose and airy, allowing maximum breathability and quick drying, making them the perfect towel for a day at the beach or after a warm shower. The fibers are ultra-soft and highly absorbent, so the towel will quickly absorb water and leave you feeling dry and comfortable.

Use it as a shawl to warm you on chilly evenings, or drape it over your table to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Wrap it around your hair for a trendy bohemian look, or use it as a chic cover-up for your bikini at the beach or pool. It is adaptable, just like you.


- 100% pure premium cotton

- Extra soft texture

- Made in Turkey


Maintaining Extra soft beach towels is easier than your regular towels. They require only a cold machine wash and air drying. This simple care routine ensures that your towels will last for years.

Use it as a blanket, shawl, hair wrap or bikini cover

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