Dark Diamond | Silk, Cashmere & Cotton Blend


Made with 60% cotton, 30% cashmere, and 10% silk, this scarf is sure to keep you comfortable and stylish. This piece was woven using late 19th-century hand-operated looms, making it a great addition to any outfit.

Perfect for chilly evenings or air-conditioned places such as office, church, airplane, theater, motorcycle ride, cruise travel when you need extra warmth.

- Looking for a unique gift? This versatile shawl is the perfect gift for any gender/occasion! 

Silk Cotton and Cashmere Scarf Handmade and Soft

*Please note that this model is handmade and there may be some slight imperfections. These imperfections in no way affect the quality of the pieces and can actually make them more special. These small imperfections are usually not noticeable and hard to spot. Not every piece will have an imperfection, but it is important to understand that anything handmade could be different each time.