Mantra Beach Towel

Luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated. This Turkish towel is the perfect addition to any home. High quality, 100% cotton makes the towel softer, durable and absorbent.

Mantra towel is made in double layers with French jacquard weaving technique. The two-tone, reversible, mirror-like pattern reflects a dark color on one side and an ivory color on the other. 

Its oriental design adds versatility, It can be worn all year round as a beach towel, yoga towel, sofa cover, shawl or a personal blanket. 

Maintaining the Mantra Beach Towels is a breeze as they require only a cold wash and air-drying. This simple care routine ensures that your towels will last for years to come, providing you with endless comfort and style for all your beach or poolside adventures.

- 100% Premium Cotton 

- Made in Turkey