Water Lily Stone Print Linen Scarf

This elegant linen scarf features a sophisticated stone print, contrasted with a timeless black tulip design. Lightweight and expertly crafted, this stylish piece is a must-have for the modern wardrobe.

Use it as a shawl to warm you on chilly evenings, or drape it over your table to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Wrap it around your hair for a trendy bohemian look, or use it as a chic cover-up for your bikini at the beach or pool. Purposeful and adaptable, just like you.

Looking for a unique gift? This versatile shawl is the perfect gift for any occasion!

- Weaved on hand-operated loom

- This Water Lily Stone Print Linen Scarf is designed with a unique print that won't fade. The fabric is durable enough to retain its original pattern even after several washes.

- 100% cotton

- 35" x 66"

- Sourced responsibly


 - Cold machine wash

 - Air dry