There are specific life hacks that can add a little bit of fanciness to your life and are also easy to learn, such as folding a towel. Slight differences you make at home can change a lot, so trying different and cool ways of towel folding techniques can help you spice up your home game!

Neatly folded cotton towels can save you some space while also adding decor to your home. There are many different techniques to fold towels of any kind, such as hand towels, bath towels, etc. In practice, neatly folding a towel does not take any more extended time than randomly rolling the towel into a ball and pitching it into the storage. You need to know the techniques and ways of folding towels correctly.

The best way to fold your towels depends on how you prefer to store or display them, on a shelf, in a cabinet, or across a towel bar. Each of us develops our style. Our only goal is to make sure that the towels are folded easily, neatly, and uniformly every time. Let’s see how we can fold both hand and bath towels in different ways:

The Classic

This is the perfect technique to stack your towels stored on an open shelf or bench. 


Spread your towel out on a flat surface.

Spread the towel

Fold one long end towards the middle, repeating on the other side too.

Fold Turkish towel

Fold each short one end over the other

Fold short ends

Smooth out the surface

towel folding

and display your towels with the folded edge facing outward. 

Folded Turkish towel

The Towel Bar: 

This is the best technique to hang your bath towels.

Repeat the first three steps described above.

How to hang towels

Fold your towel in thirds, lengthwise.

Fold in half, then while placing it on the bar, bring the short end towards the center. 

how to hang towels


how to hang a towel


Towel on a rack


These towel folding techniques can apply to both hand and bath towels. Since hand towels are smaller in size, as Cozy Koza we recommend you to try either the classic, but you can still try and find what works best for you.

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